Horningsea Herald Dec 2016

Here’s the last Herald of 2016.

Christmas is a busy month. Start Christmas with the Christmas Tree Lighting on Sunday the 4th and sing your heart out at the candlelit Carol service on the 11th of December.

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International Night, 15th October 2016 – Report

Richard Pleasants, Chairman, Horningsea Residents Association.

HRA logo

Every year (for the past six or seven) we have an International Night, and every year we have to think of a different nation’s food to enjoy, which rules out Belgium. We’ve had Greek Night when a real Greek person came, and Curry Night when Graham cooked a vat of his legendary Dahl (Is that how you spell it, or is that Roald – and is that just a misspelling of Ronald?). This year, given the events of June 23rd , I suggested that we might consider a Brexit night, consisting of tepid beer, soggy fish and chips and a fight, but this idea was met with silence and so was abandoned, which is good because only four people would have come.
So instead we had an Italian Night which was very good indeed. It always surprises me that for an event which isn’t pre-booked, the right number of people always come – and not always the same ones. OK, Greek Night was a bit of a squeeze, but Italian Night filled the room with about fifty-five people, and the table groaned with exquisite food brought by so many of the excellent cooks in the village. Despite the quantity, very little went home again. The hall was expertly bedecked with flags, and a Vespa and Laverda Jota from the St John’s Lane Collection were on display and later lounged on by exhibitionist women in exotic slinky dresses who were not at all camera-shy.
Liz had compiled an excellent collection of Latin music and the tables looked magnificent with table-cloths, flowers and candles. A fair bit of Chianti was put away, judging by the recycling bin, and everyone enjoyed a shot (or two) of Limoncello or Grappa (courtesy of Michael Harrison) after the dinner.
Special thanks to all those who stayed late in the evening or turned up early in the morning to clear up.
Yet another first class evening in Horningsea!

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HRA Bonfire and Fireworks

Sunday 6th November, 18:30 Village Green

HRA logo

The HRA’s annual firework display is on Sunday 5th of November.

The fireworks start at 18.30 on the Millennium Green followed by the Bonfire. Admission is £5 for adults and free for Children.

Bonfire building

Saturday, 5th November, 10:00, Village Green

Please bring dry wooden items you would like to dispose of between the hours of 10:00 and 16:00.
Even if you do not have anything to burn we really, really need help building the bonfire. The last few years have seen fewer and fewer people come help.

Please do not bring anything outside these hours and please do not bring wet or damp garden waste. Thanks!



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Remembrance Sunday 13 November 2016

Remembrance Sunday in Horningsea 13 November: 10.15 in Church and 10.45 at the war Memorial in the Jubilee Gardens

This is always a very special service as the community gathers together to remember those who gave their lives in the First and Second World Wars and in all the subsequent conflicts.

After a short service in the church the congregation picks up the poppy wreaths from the altar and walks in silence to the Jubilee Gardens. Other people from the community may already be gathered there.

After a short prayer and the reading of the names, the last post is played and the wreaths are laid around the memorial sculpture. John Wilson has researched all those from the village who died in both world wars and he gives some family details. Our war memorial is a modern sculpture, based around a rifle and helmet found at the Somme where the battle raged 100 years ago this year.

The poppy wreaths are laid on behalf of all village groups – the Parish Council, the PCC, the HRA, 7.30 Girls, the Friends of Horningsea Church and the “veterans” – those who served during the War. Sadly Oswald, one of our last true veterans died in September, however we hope that Margaret Dorrington who worked in Downing Street for most of the war years will be able to place the wreath on behalf of the “veterans” this year. If you have never come to the Service please make an effort this year – the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

After the Service everyone is invited back to the church to warm up over a hot drink!

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Report on September’s Heritage Open Day

Heritage Open Day in St Peter’s Church – September 2016

The two themes were Horningsea in Shakespeare’s Day and Horningsea in 1766. A map of the village identified the houses that would have been standing in both those years. Visitors were surprised to see how old some of the houses were – we know that St Johns farm house was built before 1599, we know that the Bishop of Ely had given 100 shillings to build a vicarage in 1267! It was very interesting to hear from those who live in the old houses about their history. It was also fun to hear the chosen readings from Shakespeare.

The children searched the churchyard for teddies (pretending to be hedgehogs and polecats!). The bellringers demonstrated to potential recruits and quantities of tea and cakes were consumed! The afternoon concluded with Bishop David coming to present an award for the community use of the church.

A big thanks to everyone who took part.

Next year’s theme will be the Coprolite Miners’ March. Speak to Lindsay or Dave if you would like to take part – the more the merrier!

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Church services for Oct/Nov 2016

Sunday 16 October at 9am: Holy Communion

Sunday 23 October at 11am: Morning Worship

Sunday 30 October at 10am: Communion Service at Teversham (no service in Horningsea)

Sunday 6 November at 9am: Holy Communion

Sunday 13 November (Remembrance): 10.15 am in Church
And 10.45am at the War Memorial

Sunday 20 November at 9am: Holy Communion

Sunday 27 November at 10am: Communion Service at Fen Ditton (no service in Horningsea)

Everyone is welcome to attend any of these services

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Village Boat Trip 2016

Invalid Displayed Gallery

Despite the miserable day of rain which preceded it, Sunday September 11th dawned warm and sunny, and remained so all day. A perfect day for boating, with clear blue skies, but not hot enough to risk exposure to heat stroke!
Five craft gathered at Church End House for a 1pm departure: John and Liz Harrison hosted a couple of dozen aboard the big ‘Alie’, which along with our own ‘Dino III’ sported the official Horningsea flag, courtesy of Michael Harrison. Also there was Chris and Hélène’s ‘Nora’ and Andy and Sam’s ‘Restless’. Guest of honour was John Wilson’s delightful steam launch ‘Sirrius’ which is a charming sight when under way.
The flotilla set off shortly after 1pm with a contingent of over 50 souls. The sight of the heavily-laden convoy passing The Bridge must have caused much interest in the busy garden. If I’d seen it, and I didn’t already live there, I’d want to move to Horningsea!
I’d caused a little unrest this year by declaring that we on ‘Dino III’ intended to stop at the GOBA moorings at Bottisham Lock for a picnic, and that if the other boats wanted to turn there and return straight to the bridge, then they could, and I would catch them up. As it was, the GOBA moorings were empty (extraordinary for a perfect summer Sunday afternoon!) and we all stopped there for an impromptu picnic. The presence of some big cylindrical straw bales provided fun for the children, and a few folk braved a swim.
After an hour or so we set sail again and rafted up outside The Bridge. We enjoyed a welcome drink there even though some of the staff seemed to be ‘tired and emotional’. We were back at Church End House by 5pm in good time for those who wanted to disport themselves at the Karaoke Night at the Plough and Fleece.
It’s difficult to imagine a better way to spend a day, or a better place in which to spend it.

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HRA International Evening: Italian!

Saturday, 15th October, 19:30, Village Hall.

HRA logo

Attenzioni Residenti!

The HRA are pleased to announce its annual return of the ever-popular INTERNATIONAL EVENING. This year’s theme celebrates the various foods of ITALY.
This is a BRING AND SHARE event so please take along a dish of Italian food. It can be sweet or savoury. Bring along your own drinks and glasses. Plates and cutlery will be provided… and in true Italian style a shot of Limoncello to end your meal! We are hoping to set up a spaghetti-making corner for any young (or old!) budding chefs to try their hand at making this popular dish.
The event will be held in the Village Pavilion on 15th October: Start time 19.30 pm. Entrance free when you bring a dish (Without a dish: £7 adults, £2 children)

A presto!
DSC 0865

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HRA Apple Press Day 2016 – Report

Right now, I never want to see another apple.

A group of pickers of all ages, looking like a Pre-Raphaelite painting as they worked, relieved our garden of what must have been nearly a ton of apples, with no visible effect. Still they fall in their hundreds from trees that are self-destructing under the weight of their own fruit. Trailerload after trailerload were deposited at the Millennium Green, where – under the expert guidance of Chris Lindley – a veritable production line had been established.

Once again Mrs Weather had been kind to us. We debated the need for protective structures either for rain or sun, but the forecast was good and the day better. Yet again even blue skies and a temperate useable warmth made the day perfect for our task.

Garrick and Helen set up a comprehensive food table to fuel our efforts, with Garrick, as ever, manning the BBQ. Mark from The Crown and Punchbowl had kindly provided one hundred sausages and rolls, as well as lending us a couple of empty beer kegs to contain our juice once all the other containers had been filled, and joined us for most of the afternoon. And of course, no HRA summer event would be complete without Vee’s Teas, and Michael Harrison had ensured that all three registered Horningsea flags were flying.

Teams of helpers washed and quartered the apples, which were fed into Richard Holton’s amazing ‘scratter’ – a device like a food-processor on steroids that reduces the apples to a pleasing coleslaw-like mush. The press is then filled and appropriate galley-slaves used to turn the capstan until all the juice is extracted and all that remains is a cylindrical cake of pressings. Gallon after gallon was decanted into containers of all sorts.

Richard and Rae kindly brought a supply of their cider from previous years so that we could all taste the end product – and very good it was too, according to Andy Greed who downed a fair bit – on his own admission.

It was another truly great day in the Horningsea tradition. Social, industrious and humorous, with children pelting each other with the waste pressings whilst riding in the tractor-drawn trailers. It was pure Laurie Lee!


Richard Pleasants


Horningsea Residents Association.

September 2016

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Horningsea Herald Sept 2016

Summer draws to an end but we’ve still got two big days in the village. At the start of the month we’ve got Heritage Day at the church and towards the end of the month it’s Apple Day again! Get this bottles washed and get ready to clean, quarter, scrat, pulp and drink!

If you are bothered by speeding cars through the village there’s a Parish Council meeting on the 27th where the main discussion will be about applying for funds for speed reduction measures.

Read all about these events in
September’s Herald

Enjoy the last weeks of summer.

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