The 150th Anniversary of the Coprolite Workers March from Horningsea to Quy Fen – TALK

Saturday 20th May at 18.30 at St Peter’s Church

Bernard O’Connor, the expert on the Coprolite Industry in Cambridgeshire will be giving an illustrated talk to get us all in the mood for the march, answer our questions and tell us why the Coprolite Industry had such a major impact on the villages of Horningsea, Fen Ditton and Quy. He will be able to tell us what coprolite is (possibly not fossilised dinosaur dung as we all believe!) and what it was used for.
We have arranged this talk for the early evening so that families can come – after all children know more about dinosaurs than adults! In addition to the talk there will be some music – maybe the Song of the Coprolite worker (by Dave Jenkins – one of his Coprolite Songs!), Irish tunes as some of the workers came here from across the Irish sea and music from the Fens. There will be no charge for the evening but donations will be collected.Marchers

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