Local History in Action:

Saturday 26th October 2013  3-6pm

Dinosaurs, the Horningsea Coprolite Industry and the March of 200


Come and hear about the astounding story of the coprolite (dinosaur droppings) industry in the C19th in Horningsea and the wonderful tale of the ‘March of 200’ in 1867 when 200 men, women and children marched through the village (Hooray and Up the Workers!) to protect Quy Fen from being taken over by the local rich landowner (Boo! Down with the Fat-Cats!)

Tony Phillips will be providing the words; Dave Jenkins will be providing the songs; they’ll be a display of photos and information and Dominic will be filming the first ever re-construction of the March using all of his knowledge and know-how as a professional film maker to turn however many people come on the day into a Victorian mob!

Get a victorian costume, bring the family, get the kids to bring their favourite toy dinosaur and have a great afternoon finding out more about our amazing village. There may even be the odd inflatable dinosaur hanging around – just when you thought it was safe to go into the garden………..

This event is part of the 2014 Horningsea 800 celebrations

More information from Tony Phillips on 07764 922385 or Dave Jenkins at the pub on 01223 860795



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