Horningsea lies on the edge of the fens and is in a conservation area and surrounded by grade 1 agricultural land. Quy Fen lies to the east of the village and is open to public access.  The fen has a number of water filled pits which were excavated in the 19th century for  coprolite, (dinosaur dung) and today act as host to a variety of wild life. The village is on the River Cam, and there is a small marina where long boats are moored.  There is a river foot crossing  at Bait’s Bite Lock.

Quy Fen is the fen to the east of the village, shared by Horningsea, Quy and Fen Ditton, and is a popular area for walking.

Walking and cycling routes abound, giving easy access to countryside, nearby villages and local atrractions such as Anglesey Abbey and Milton Country Park

Cam Conservancy maintains the River Cam, including weeds, banks, trees, fishing and boating issues

Baits Bite Lock conservation plan describes the river crossing south of the village

The Bridge of Reeds project aims to create a local landmark symbolising Cambridgeshire and East Anglia

The Wicken Fen Vision is a long term plan to join natural wetland from Quy Fen through to Wicken Fen

Fen Ditton to the south, Quy to the east, Waterbeach to the north and Milton to the west are neighbouring villages

Harvest time ploughed earth coprolite lake, Quy Fen