Vacancy: Clerk to Parish Council, Horningsea

—=== This position is now filled ===—

The Horningsea Parish Clerk, Chris Percival, is to step down with effect 1 May 2010.

Reflecting the small size of the community, the Clerk’s position can be carried out on a workload of 16 hours per month (including a full Parish Council meeting seven times a year).

It covers a range of statutory duties carried out infrequently.

The Clerk will, on behalf of the Council:

  • issue notifications and produce information;
  • attend meetings and advise the Council;
  • despatch letters and keep records.

As Responsible Financial Officer, the Clerk is also responsible for the application of suitable accounting policies, the maintenance and presentation of timely and accurate accounts, the preparation and monitoring of an annual budget.

The position does not involve responsibility for any physical infrastructure such as recreational facilities or the Village Hall, these being administered by separate trusts.

Preference will be given to candidates who have or are working towards the Certificate in Local Council Administration.

Applications are invited in writing by 1 March to the Chairman of Horningsea Parish Council: Ms Lindsay Davies, Flaxman Cottage, High Street, Horningsea CB25 9JG lindsay @

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