8th Annual Horningsea Apple Press Day – Report

Here’s some photos from the HRA’s 8th annual Apple Press Day. A dismal weather forecast turned into bright sunshine! So in eight years of Apple Press Days we’ve only had rain once! A good record! The harvest was not overly abundant this year. However, we had sufficient apples to press enough juice for everybody!

Thanks as usual to:

  • Richard Holton for the loan of his magical scratter (and his hard work too!).</li
  • Richard and Tessa Pleasants for the use of their garden as a scrumping resource.
  • Mark at the Crown and Punchbowl for their generous supply of yummy and appropriate pork and apple sausages to keep the workers fed and happy!
  • Garrick, Horningsea’s very own BBQ master, for cooking said sausages!

If you have any photos of the day please send them along.

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