The 150th Anniversary of the Coprolite Workers March from Horningsea to Quy Fen – WALK

Sunday 21st May at 11.30

The group will gather at the Jubilee Gardens in the centre of Horningsea to set off on the march – behind a “flag and a flute”. Can we match the 200 men, women and children who took part 150 years ago? The walk to Quy Fen is about a mile or so – depending on which footpath you follow. The footpaths will be muddy and uneven so wear sensible shoes. Bring a picnic to eat when we arrive at the “cut”. Dogs need to be kept under control and at Quy Fen they must be on leads as there will be cattle grazing on part of the fen – we all know how cattle can get spooked by lively dogs and have been known to trample dogs or people – so take care! On the march parents must be responsible for their own children – we will have stewards directing the marchers across the road – outside Old Tiles – but we still have a short walk on the road itself before going through the hedge onto the footpath. At Quy Fen we must all obey the rules of this Special Scientific area – so read the signs. I am always amused by the one that says “nudism may offend and is forbidden!” and note that, how ever hot it is, swimming in “the cut” is dangerous because of the depth of mud and the vegetation. At the Fen there may be a botanist or ecologist who can talk to us about some of the rare species to be found – orchids and dragonflies in particular. Let’s hope for fine weather and that a good day will be had by all! If anyone wants to come but can’t walk that far arrangements will be made to provide transport by car. Please let Lindsay know if you need transport.

QuyFen Notice

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