Horningsea residents and the Waterbeach Barracks Development

A group of concerned residents grouped together following the recent PC meeting with Urban and Civic. The group, called Horningsea Planning aims to represent the interests of all Horningsea residents in the Waterbeach Barracks development. Unfortunately we felt that the presentation in that meeting did not address the topic of Horningsea, even though this village is likely to see considerable negative aspects to the development, that are currently not matched by any benefits.

The rules of parish councils means Horningsea PC has a strict remit as to how they can use residents feedback. For example providing specific objections to planning applications. However, there are many areas, outside of planning, in which we could benefit from this development.
The group will strive to ensure that if the development goes ahead, there are positive developments to benefit Horningsea to offset the inevitable negative aspects.
The main aims will be:

  • Gather feedback from residents.
  • ?

  • Produce a list of specific items that will mitigate negative aspects.
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  • Produce a list of positive benefits to the village that might be possible.
  • Be a public advocate for the village to achieve the items on these lists.
  • If you feel you could be helpful to the group and therefore Horningsea please contact horningseanews@gmail.com (Horningsea Herald).

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