Horningsea Herald March 2016

Here’s the
Herald for March 2016..

With the opening of the refurbished Crown and Punchbowl, it is heartening to see that Horningsea is once again a two pub village. With so many villages having their only pub closed, it is a cause for celebration, and with two pubs it’s easy to do so (Horningsea Pub Crawl?)! Our village must keep using both of these fine drinking and eating establishments. Use your local pub or lose it…..!

Plough and Fleece’s website

Crown and Punchbowl’s website

On a less positive note, once again the introduction of faster broadband to Horningsea has been postponed to June 2016. The full details are included in the Herald, but the representatives of Connecting Cambridgeshire and BT OpenReach will be at the next Parish Council meeting. Hopefully they will be able to explain why every other village around here has a decent internet connection, but Horningsea does not.

Horningsea’s page on the Connecting Cambridgeshire’s website

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