Cambridge Accordion School Newsletter – Summer Term 2011

Dear Friends,

I hope that you are all having a good Easter break and are ready for a busy Summer Term. The term will start in the week beginning April 25th due to the lateness of Easter. This means that in order to fit in all your lessons, I will continue lessons for two weeks after the concert finishing at the end of the week beginning July 11th. 

Emailed Newsletters – I will continue to send newsletters by email to all of you for whom I have an email address. If you would like your name added to the list, make sure that I have your email address. 

Workshops These will start on Tuesday 26th April at 1430 at Quy Village Hall (small room). Due to the shortness of this term, there would only have been space to have six workshops in the time we have but I propose to do two extra ones on the clubnight afternoons so that we can still fit in eight workshops this term. 

Clubnights – For the latest developments on the club, contact Chairperson Chris Thompson on 01223 881084. All are welcome to come and join. It`s a very social atmosphere, with lots of playing opportunities and even refreshments! There have been some interesting developments this year with themed nights for some of the meetings. The first clubnight of the Summer Term will be on Tuesday May 10th at 1945h. 

Summer Concert – Our concert will be on Saturday July 2rd starting at 7.30pm, venue will be St Peter`s Church, Horningsea. Put the date in your diary now as, every year, someone forgets and has a blind panic when I remind them!! 

Fees – I have decided to absorb the rise in the cost of living this term. However, I may need to reconsider this later in the year if things get much worse!. My fees continue to remain below the national rate recommended by the Musicians Union for individual teaching, which makes learning the accordion still good value for money!!  

Lesson Fees – Summer Term 60 Mins 45 Mins 30 Mins
Individual Lesson Fee £27.00 £20.25 £13.50
Termly Lesson Fee (10 Lessons) £270.00 £202.50 £135.00
Workshop Fee (8 hours tuition) £40.00    

All students are accepted subject to a commitment on their part, to pay for all missed lessons; also to give a minimum of half a term`s notice of their intention to quit, or to pay half a term`s fees in lieu of such notice being given to me.  

Fees to be paid Termly or Half-Termly in advance. 

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. In the mean time – Start practising! You know how good it makes you feel when you can walk into a lesson and can truthfully say “I`ve done loads of practise!”  

Here are the dates for this term`s diary:- 

25/04/11 Lessons begin this week    
26/04/11 Workshop 1 14.30h Quy Village Hall (Small Hut)  
03/05/11 Workshop 2. 14.30h Quy Village Hall (Small Hut)  
10/05/11 Workshop 3. 14.30h Quy Village Hall (Small Hut)  
10/05/11 Club Night 19.45h Quy Village Hall  
16/05/11 Blackpool Accordion Festival All Week No lessons or workshops  
24/05/11 Workshop 4. 14.30h Quy Village Hall (Small Hut)  
30/05/11 HALF TERM CLOSURE  (No lessons or workshops)  
  During the half term week there will be  
03/06/11 THE Accordion Jazz Weekend Fri, Sat, Sun Knuston Hall, Northamptonshire  
06/06/11 Lessons re-start this week      
07/06/11 Workshop 5. 14.30h Quy Village Hall (Small Hut)  
14/06/11 Workshop 6. 14.30h Quy Village Hall (Small Hut) Quy Village Hall (Small Hut)
14/06/11 Club Night 19.45h Quy Village Hall  
21/06/11 Workshop 7. 14.30h Quy Village Hall (Small Hut)  
28/06/11 Workshop 8. 14.30h Quy Village Hall (Small Hut)  
02/07/11 CAS Summer Concert 19:30h St Peter`s Church, Horningsea  
04/07/11 Lessons continue      
11/07/11 Last Week of lessons      

 Gigs. – People often ask me where I`m playing so that they can come and listen and I now have an email list for letting you know when we are playing. If you would like to have your name on it just let me know. Many of our gigs are private functions, but some are open gigs at pubs, concerts or festivals and we`d love to see you. You can always email me on   

I always try to read the copy carefully before printing and distributing the newsletter but if any of the more eagle-eyed of you spot any clashes of date etc – please let me know ASAP.


Bert Santilly.

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