Sixth Apple Press day : report

This year the tempo was upped. For the first time ever we ran out of apples half way through the afternoon and had to gather up people for a scrumping run! Perhaps it was industrial press (thanks John Harrison) or the production line quality scratter (thanks Richard Holton) that enabled us to produce probably the most juice ever (a very rough estimate was about 200litres). Luckily Richard had cider from last year’s Apple Press Day to keep the workers going.

We were lucky with the weather too. From a dismal forecast on the Monday the weather became glorious. We timed it perfectly with the ripeness of the apple crop too! For once we might actually have hit the peak of Horningsea’s apple trees.

Many thanks to everybody who came and joined in. Many people took away a lot of juice. If you are going to ferment it then it would be great if you could bring a sample to one of the village events. Perhaps even 2016’s Apple Press day!

IMG 2693

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