Superfast Broadband Works Are Underway

What’s going on?

Today BT Openreach were spotted in the village working on the new Superfast Internet connection for the village.As you may already know, Horningsea is planned to get Superfast Broadband by September of this year. I previously wrote an article about this if you would like to know what this is about.

Superfast Broadband Works – (Photograph by C. Lindley)

Update on the Schedule

Yesterday the Connecting Cambridgeshire programme confirmed to me in an email that the works have started and that the cabinet is being made ready. Further confirmation of that came today when the vans showed up on the high street.

This is merely the start of the work. Openreach will have to also lay the fibreglass cable from the Horningsea cabinet the the exchange in Waterbeach. This probably involves them digging a trench. Which will no doubt lead to further disruption on the route from Waterbeach to Horningsea. I do not know which route the cable will take to the village but I assume it will be along Clayhithe road.

A lot of work still has to be done but it certainly seems plausible that Superfast broadband will be available by September.

Disruption to Traffic

Needless to say there will be some disruption to traffic and I have been advised that there may be difficult ‘obstacles’ left behind for cyclists to contend with. I suppose you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.


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